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Hi all, we are BLAX band! Our adventure started in March 2020 when our singer and songwriter Giampaolo Polidoro, alias Blax, started to collaborate with our guitarist Marco Fanella, alias Hektor, for the recording of the first demotape which later became the music you can listen through our album “Meravilia” recorded during 2021. The BLAX project became a family in 2022 when the drummer Massimiliamo Bergo (alias Argex), the bass player Giulia Balestrieri (alias Katla), and the guitarist
Emil Dellantonio (alias Hexen) joined the band.

Line up
Starting from the fact that BLAX band represents a family where every musician is a member of it with a specific role, we have the family landlord and singer Blax, followed by his trusted butler and guitarist Hektor, his gardener and drummer Argex, the custodian and guitarist Hexenand the housekeeper and bass player Katla.

We sound like
We think that the more appropriate way to call our music is “Hard Goth” as the gothic influences meet a hard rock inspired sound.


So far, the first album called “Meravilia” was released in October 2022.

The main influence is in fact represented by the 80s Hard Rock music, in particular figure like Alice Cooper has a significant influence on our music.

What do you write about?
Our album is thought as a concept album as the songs are meant to tell the stories around BLAX family, so a central narrative is present in the album.

Your favourite live performance so far

So far our favorite live performance is the first one that we had out of our conntry, It was in Vizovice (Czech Republic) at the Masters of Rock festival.

Tell us a funny story that happened in studio or on stage
When we played in Czech Republic and public started to do Italian gestures in a funny way.

Your favourite records
“Our Brain Conditions”, “My Eva’s Eden” and “Party of Little Giants”.

A musician you would like to meet for a beer
Alice Cooper or Tobias Forge.
What will you ask backstage if you were the most important band on earth
Theatrical scene objects to represent our image.

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