Grey Filters - Man and His Programmer (2024)

The inaugural release by Grey Filters is titled Man and His Programmer. The EP's topic is analysing your place inside the simulation's structure and playing on the duality of a creator's mind against a produced mind. They took influence from diverse realms of mathematics, physics, and philosophy for song structure, time signatures, lyrics, and design. 

They are simple dudes from Florida who love music and enjoy surfing, skating, jamming, and parties. It was recorded at the drummer's (Jeremy Feil) DIY home studio. Kris Heronimus (vocals/songwriter) and Zach Vannoy (guitarist/songwriter) mixed the entire EP.

Man and His Programmer comprises 4 songs for almost 20 minutes of music. God's Garden opens with some Sabbath vibes and super heavy riffs. The song is heavy but melodic at the same time, with very good vocals too. A good start, definitely. More uptempo is the second track Quarternion with another great riff and great drumming too. The song has a very peculiar but interesting middle section, very experimental before the final chorus (I can hear some Jim Morrison influence there!). 

Diabolic reminds me of some Queens of the Stone Age, with some "danceable" parts, apart from the usual amazing riffs and drumming. I love the fact that the band feels free from usual song structures and experiments quite a bit. Great riffs (again!) at the beginning of the closing title track, more doom than the rest of the material on the ep, with a great solo section in the final part.

This is a very interesting EP, with lots of influences, very well performed, and with the right sound for the genre. If you are into Stoner, Doom (and you love Tony Iommi!), check out Man and His Programmer. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Grey Filters on Instagram.
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