Leif Shively Band - PoDrunk

The Leif Shively Band infuses country/southern rock with great energy and a unique type of soul. Our songs tell the tales of our life. They bring an electrifying performance to the stage inspired by legendary acts such as Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd while still keeping the spirit of their country roots with lead vocalist: Leif Shively, lead guitarist: Kyle Roop, keys: Ethan "Slimmy" Spillers, bass: Eric Shively, drummer: Jackie Brock, and rhythm guitarist: Gavin Hodges.

This is their new single, called "PoDrunk". Leif commented on the song: "Me and the boys done wrote this song 'bout all them things we love doin' on them weekends. We mixin' our favorite country twang with a little bit of that metal edge, makin' somethin' that's just right for us. From them honky-tonk bars to them muddy back roads, we sing about the life we live, the trucks we drive, and the girls we love. It's a blend of country soul and metal spirit, a sound that speaks to who we are and where we come from. So grab a cold one, turn up the volume, and let our music take you on a ride through them bayous and fields of gold. This here's our story, our sound, our small town anthem."

To my ears "PoDrunk" is a hybrid between Country and Alternative Metal (Alter Bridge?), with a heavy production, and massive guitar riffs but also with very melodic and catchy vocals and a spot-on arrangement. I love the solo section, it's short but very inspired. The song is very cool, give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below, and remember to follow The Leif Shively Band on social media as well.

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