Tales of Tomorrow - Breaking the Chains

Tales of Tomorrow is a German band that performs from the heart, to take its listeners on a trip and make them feel something they can relate to. Fabi is the frontman and voice, with extensive expertise and a voice capable of captivating any audience. His charismatic personality will affect every fan. Sascha, the drummer, is the foundation of the band. His strong sounds and enthusiastic performances inspire people to get up and dance. 

At barely 15 years old, Verena is the band's youngest member and a piano prodigy. Emily, the 17-year-old guitarist, is the group's quietest member. When she picks up her guitar, she transforms into a fearless and passionate musician. On the opposite side is Kursat, a one-of-a-kind guitar hero. His style of play is unique. Last but not least, Maja plays the bass. Her powerful bass lines are famous and her stage presence is unparalleled.

This is their new single, called Breaking the Chains. I love the production, it is modern but not lacking of heavy guitars and drums. The song is very catchy but melodic too, with very inspired vocals and a catchy chorus that will probably get stuck in your head. Overall, The song is well performed by the entire band and well written and perfectly arranged as well. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Tales of Tomorrow.
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