Groove Vultures - What Happened to Lucy

Groove Vultures is a self-produced Melbourne-based garage rock band with clear metal elements, adopting a groovy pivot away from conventional to create a distinctive high-intensity sound.

The band commented on their new song: "What Happened to Lucy is a song tinged with bittersweet nostalgia that echoes lost love and regret while staying upbeat and groovy! With hard rocking rhythm and a funky blues riff, this song should appeal to fans of hard rock, blues, and garage rock."

I love the pace and the mood of this one, very energetic and with a no-frills attitude. I find this song very enjoyable and interesting as in between a few genres like Hard rock (with bluesy parts!) and punk vocals. The band's performance is fantastic (I love dynamic drumming and the guitar solos!) and the production is old school. 

Give What Happened to Lucy a go by clicking on the player above and follow Groove Vultures on social media. 

Giovanni Gagliano

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