Best cover songs - Top 10

Here for a cover song top 10. The choice is very very hard, so I may have not included your favourite one and, of course, this is based on my taste. Let's get started now and don't forget to let me know your opinion.

10) Skid Row - Little Wing  (Jimi Hendrix)
Have a listen to the golden vocal line by Sebastian Bach (compared to the one sung by Jimi Hendrix) and tell me what you think. Well, even Scotti Hill and Rob Affuso are in the spotlight in this one. In the EP version, Seb sings even better, it's not the same take of the video below. It's part of my Skid Row top 10

9) Nirvana - The man who sold the world (David Bowie)
Melancholic interpretation by Kurt Cobain & C. from the super famous Nirvana - Unplugged in New York. This one is not very different from the original one but with tons of personality even if they look like they are ready to go to bed. Have a look at Kurt Cobain in the video below.

8) Metallica - Turn the page (Bob Seger)
This song appears to have been composed specifically for James Hetfield's vocal cords, which he brushes and personalizes in his own unique way, with all the characteristics yeah eeeah yahoo... Okay, you got it. In my opinion, the instrumental arrangement is far superior to the original. Take a look at the video with the naked women. (If you wish to see them, click on the title)

7) Avantasia - Maniac (Michael Sembello)
With the help of Eric Martin from Mr. Big, Tobias Sammet transformed this pop dance tune from the soundtrack of the old Flashdance movie (information for old farts like me) into a credible Heavy rock song without modifying the original spirit of the song. Great job, Tobias.

6) Mike Patton - Urlo Negro (The Blackman)
Okay, this is strange. For those who are unaware, Mike Patton's genius has made an album of versions of very old Italian songs titled "Mondo Cane". Urlo negro is my favourite song on the album; I recommend the live version, but the studio version is also excellent.

5) Joe Cocker - A little help from my friends (The Beatles)
Can a Beatles cover be better than the Beatles version? Seriously? No, that's exactly what Joe Cocker did with this song. That one from the Beatles seems almost stupid in comparison. 

4) Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)
One of the most abused songs of all time. Probably even your trusted butcher will have, on his YouTube channel, a version of this song, sung at the end of his shift. That said, Jeff Buckley's, in my opinion, remains on another level. Yes, even compared to the one of your butcher.

3) Johnny Cash - Hurt (Nine inch nails)
When an artist is great it can be seen from the simplicity.
Johnny Cash simplifies this song by Nine Inch Nails and makes Hurt clearly superior to the original, simply thanks to a deeper and more melancholy interpretation. Simplicity.

2) Chris Cornell - Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)
Making a cover making it yours? Exactly what Chris Cornell did. In reality, the song is recognizable only thanks to the chorus, in the verses it is almost unrecognizable, at least for me. Chris made it 100% his.

1) Guns n' Roses - Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan)
Probably more for emotional reasons than for anything else, since thanks to this song I began to discover many universes. That said, starting from a simple song by Bob Dylan, GN'R, especially live, can put practically everything in it: an intro with double neck guitar, strong distortions, backing vocals, winds, piano, cowboy hats, various solos and Slash close to cardio-respiratory coma. What more do you want?

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