DREAM THEATER - Lost Not Forgotten Archives: The Majesty Demos (1985-1986)

Another chapter of Lost Not Forgotten Archives. We are talking, of course, about Dream Theater and this brand new The Majesty Demos (1985-1986), the very first material of the band when Dream theater was not even Dream theater yet.

We've seen together, in these pages, already A Dramatic Tour of Events – Select Board Mixes and Images And Words - Live In Japan 2017 and you know already that I really appreciate some of these new CDs but I'm definitely not a fan of some others. I have mixed feelings for this one. The pros of this release are the curiosity of listening to the band before being famous and listening to some very short tracks with funny names. Some songs like Crying for freedom or The school songs are very interesting, there is even the cover of YYZ (Rush) and about short silly tracks we find something like Anti-Procrastination Song? or Mike Thinks He's Dee Dee Ramone Introducing a Song Song

On the other hand, this release is not cheap and asking for money for this audio quality (we are talking about demos, here)... Sure, it was previously available on CD through the band’s Ytsejam Records, now it has been remixed and remastered, but still...

Tell me what you think and have a look at the infinite tracklist.

Track Listing: The Berklee Demos (1985-1986):
1. Particle E. Motion?(Instrumental) (1:38) / 2. Another Won?(Instrumental) (5:26) / 3. The Saurus (1:23) / 4. Cry for Freedom? (6:31) / 5. The School Song?(6:12) / 6. YYZ? (4:03) / 7. The Farandole?(3:16) / 8. Two Far? (Instrumental) (5:40) / 9. Anti-Procrastination Song? (Stormtroopers of Death) (0:13) / 10. Your Majesty? (Instrumental) (3:56) / 11. Solar System Race Song (0:17) / 12. I'm About to Faint Song (0:09) / 13. Mosquitos In Harmony Song (0:12) / 14. John Thinks He's Randy Song (0:10) / 15. Mike Thinks He's Dee Dee Ramone Introducing a Song Song (0:16) / 16. John Thinks He's Yngwie Song (0:15) / 17. Gnos Sdrawkcab (0:23)

The Majesty Demos (1986):
18. Another Won (5:27) / 19. Your Majesty (3:56) / 20. A Vision (11:24) / 21. Two Far (5:25) / 22. Vital Star (5:44) / 23. March of the Tyrant (5:34)

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