Track by track: Foo Fighters - The Colour and the Shape (1997)

Here to talk about the second album by Foo Fighters, The Colour and the Shape, probably the best of the discography of Dave Grohl's creature. Here is personal my track by track. Also, check, if you are curious to know my opinion about the latest single "Rescued", click here.

1 ) Doll 
A quiet low-fi opening track, that sets the tone for the following. I really like this one but it's too short to be rated.

2) Monkey Wrench 
Here's the real opener. Monkey Wrench is a fan favorite, a hard-hitting rock song with a catchy chorus signature drums by Dave Grohl and a memorable guitar riff. The song's lyrics deal with themes of frustration and anger and Dave's vocals before the last chorus perfectly reflect the state. The band still plays this one live. 88/100

3) Hey, Johnny Park! 
A slower, more melodic track that showcases Grohl's songwriting skills and his ability to craft a great hook after a melodic and quiet verse. The song's instrumentation is also particularly strong, with a great finale, very intense. 78/100

4) My Poor Brain 
A more experimental track that features some interesting instrumental choices. The song's lyrics deal with themes of anxiety and self-doubt, and Grohl's vocals perfectly capture these emotions. I love the chorus, very vibrant and with the usual amazing and powerful drumming by Dave. You can read another name credited as a drummer but this is clearly Dave Grohl playing, you recognize him after 1 straight second. 80/100

5) Wind Up 
One of the album's more straightforward rock tracks, "Wind Up" features the usual driving (and powerful) rhythm section and a catchy chorus. Simple track but very cool. 75/100 

6) Up in Arms 
Another slower track, very introspective in its first part but getting definitely more intense in the second part. The song's lyrics deal with themes of regret and lost love, and Grohl's vocals are particularly emotive. 77/100

7) My Hero
One of the album's standout tracks, "My Hero" is a powerful and anthemic rock song with a memorable chorus and a great guitar riff. Shall we talk about the drumming of this one? I would listen to this song "drums only" version. An absolute masterpiece, one of my favourite songs in the Foo Fighters' discography. 98/100

8) See You 
A different, more atmospheric and experimental track that features some interesting instrumental choices, including a beautiful acoustic guitar and also some clapping. Nothing that stands out, but I also appreciate "something different" listening to an entire album. 70/100

9) Enough Space 
A fast-paced and hard-hitting rock track that features a great bass intro and the usual furious drumming. The chorus is Dave Grohl at his best, with his signature screaming. Great track, simple and punchy. 78/100

10) February Stars
This one is loved by the audience but Dave Grohl admits he doesn't like it at all. I agree with him on this one, a little too slow and non very inspired, to my ears, especially the first part. 60/100

11) Everlong 
Probably the band's most iconic song, "Everlong" closes the live setlist of the band (can be an electric version or acoustic). I literally adore the guitar riff and the drumming, they both sound fantastic together and the production is just perfect, sounding powerful but very melodic at the same time. Undeniably one of the best tracks by the band and of the entire 90s. If you want to know how to play drums, this is one of the best you can find. 100/100

12) Walking after you
Stylistically is similar to February Stars, but I find this one way more inspired. I really like the soft arrangement, but I find it overall a little too long. 73/100

13) New Way Home
Personally, I would have closed the album with (a shorter version of) Walking After You. "New way home"  overall is not a bad song but in my opinion, doesn't add anything else to the album. 62/100  

"The Colour and the Shape" is a fantastic album that showcases Foo Fighters at their best. The album is filled with great rock songs, memorable hooks, and powerful vocals, and it remains one of the band's most beloved albums to this day. 

Overall rating 85/100
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