RUSTY REID - American Villain

As with the earlier song, Rusty Reid is back with another “protest song” and social commentary on the politics of the United States, this time zeroing in on one of the most sordid figures in all of American history (you will get who is the subject in question watching the video below).  

"American Villain" (Remix) is the follow-up to Rusty Reid's "The United States of Selfishness" (Remix) song, which was released in November. Both singles were first released in 2020 but were shortly overshadowed by the Covid 19 pandemic. Mark Ashfield of London mastered the revised mixes, resulting in an improved tonal quality. 

The song features Rusty Reid on vocals and electric guitar, Daniel Ribeiro of Sao Paolo, Brazil on guitars and keyboards, Jack Williams of Dallas, Texas, USA on bass, and Brandon Davis of Los Angeles, California USA on drums. 

Rusty warns, “Alas, America’s villain is hardly singular… there are actual villains angling for power in most of the nations of the world. Some of them are already in charge. Others are building momentum. If liberal democracy and hope for having a peaceful, interconnected human family and dealing with such looming problems such as Global Warming are going to be preserved, we must take action now. We cannot allow these selfish, conservative goons to destroy us all and the planet. The first step is identifying those who really, truly are… villains.”

"American Villain" to my ears, has deep Classic rock roots from the 70s with very inspired guitars and a simple but tasty arrangement. The production sounds perfect for the genre and, talking about guitars, enjoy the long solo session from 2.40, melodic but technical as well. Reid's vocal performance perfectly catches the spirit of the song's thematic weight and his interpretation is spot on, thanks to deep and meaningful lyrics as well. Honorable mentions also for the lyric video, very well made which leaves no space for imagination for who the subject in question is... Give it a go by clicking on the YouTube player below, and remember to follow Rusty Reid on social media. 

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