Alter Bridge - Worst to Best

Here to talk about Alter Bridge, band that was formed in 2004 by vocalist and guitarist Myles Kennedy, lead guitarist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips. Here is my personal worst to best.

7) Walk The Sky (2019)
Walk the Sky is the only album I don't like from the Alter Bridge discography. It sounds too modern for my taste in terms of production and arrangement and honestly, there are not many songs I want to listen to again. I feared it was the beginning of the end but luckily the band released...

6) Pawns & Kings (2022)
Don't get fooled by the positions, the latest album by the band is a very solid album, just a little behind the others in my opinion. The title track is one of my favourite of their entire discography, for instance. You can read the entire review here.

5) The Last Hero (2016) 
I find this one overall a little too long but you can't go wrong with killer songs like The Other Side, Cradle to the Grave and This Side of Fate. Oh, and the title track, of course, always epic. I love these songs especially with the orchestra, in the masterpiece, live at Royal Albert Hall.

4) Fortress (2013)
I love the cover of this one, I can't explain why, maybe it's the western atmosphere. Again, the epic title track is my favourite song on the album, along with Bleed it Dry, and, speaking of the concert at the Royal Albert Hall, Lover and Water Rising are two of my favourite songs in there. 

3) AB III (2010)
The third chapter of their career is at my personal third place. Again, maybe a little too long but with wonderful songs and the band showcasing their entire range. A great opener like Slip to the Void, a catchy single like Isolation, a ballad like Wonderful Life and a great closing track like Words Darker than Their Wings, sung by Mark Tremonti as well. A great album.

2) One Day Remains (2004)
One of the best debut albums of our generation (whatever our generation is) and with songs that are still pillars in their live setlist, like Metalingus, In Loving Memory and especially Broken Wings, one of my favourite power ballads of all time. The band has been in great shape from day 1!

1) Blackbird (2007)
Their second album is their masterpiece, in my opinion. Talking about favourite songs, we have the title track, a masterpiece and their absolute top. I even wrote an article about it, click here if you missed it or if you are curious. Going back to the album, it features lots of my favourite songs by the band, like Coming Home, Ties that Bind and the beautiful ballad Watch over You. Usually, in general, the second album is not as good as the debut. Well, this is not the case. The debut was great, this is their masterpiece, for me.

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