Bon Jovi - Worst to Best

Here's my personal Bon Jovi worst to best, updated to the latest album Forever. Ready? 

Burning Bridges (2015)
This is the worst album by Bon Jovi but for a reason: the band had to release an album to get definitely rid of the label (hence the title Burning Bridges), so there it is. They are excused (are they?).
Top tracks: I'm Your Man, Burning Bridges.

This House Is Not For Sale (2016)
This one contains some not really bad songs but also some of the worst songs of Bon Jovi's discography. Also, it's too long without a reason. The cover is the best thing of the album if you ask me. Here's the level of this album.
Top tracks: Scars on this guitar, The Devil's in the temple, Come On Up To Our House.

What About Now (2013)
Sambora left the band for good after this release and I totally understand why. This is the beginning of the end for a band that was one of the brightest stars in the hard rock firmament. Wow, so poetic (but they deserve it).
Top tracks: That's What the Water Made Me, Beautiful World.

Forever (2024)
Considering Jon's conditions this album has something to say, but if you are an old fan, maybe you want to skip one too. In case you missed it, there is a full review, if you click here.
Top tracks: Living Proof, Waves, Hollow Man.

2020 (2020)
Probably the best album of the worst part of their career. Nothing special, but the album makes sense and it's got fewer super-pop moments, even in terms of production. On the cover, Jon is burping.
Top tracks: Brothers in Arms, Blood in the Water, Let It Rain.

7800 degrees Fahrenheit (1985)
Their second album is not as inspired as the first one and the band would have probably disappeared without the huge success of their third one (you will see it very high in this chart). Good potential (and a horrible cover) but among all the songs only In and Out of Love passed the test of time, at least for me.
Top track: In and out of love.

Lost Highway (2007)
The band is in autopilot mode and the sound is getting popper and popper. Is not bad, overall, easy listening and enjoyable, but the quality of the old albums is another planet and the band should be too seasoned for some choruses (the opener, for instance). 
Top tracks: Summertime, I love this town. 

The Circle (2009)
Generally, the best tracks are always in the first part of the album. Instead, the first part of The Circle is meh but in the second part we finally get some good songs. The single We Weren't Born to Follow is an ignoble self-plagiarism of Born to Be My Baby. By the way, but where are they, in the sewers?
Top tracks: Live Before You Die, Fast Cars, Happy Now.

Bounce (2002)
Lots of people hate this album as it's full of ballads (apart from a couple of heavy singles), but I love ballads so when it was released I listened to it maybe way more than it deserved. Now I completely stopped listening to it but still has a good taste in my mouth. 
Top tracks: Undivided, Everyday, Misunderstood.

Bon Jovi (1984)
There is a lot to work on (including the hair of the members of the band) but it's a very interesting debut with some very cool tracks, including Runaway, which will be forever in their setlists. I still don't understand the cover, though. Who's the woman behind Jon? 
Top tracks: Runaway, Roulette, Shot Through the Heart.

Have A Nice Day (2005)
This one was the soundtrack of a long journey I took in 2005 so I'm very attached to it. It's a happy and positive album, very enjoyable and I find it very energetic and inspired, despite the pop vein. The original cover is a little different but I've found this one.
Top tracks: Who Says You Can't Go Home, Have a Nice Day, Last Man Standing.

Crush (2000)
The band takes a big break after the big success of the album These Days and Jon comes back without the beautiful notes he used to have (and after his solo album). Crush is very commercial (It's My Life and One Wild Night are super hits) and the old fans hate it but, you know what? I always listen to it and it's one of my favourite.
Top tracks: Say It Isn't So, Just Older, One Wild Night.

These Days (1995)
After the ridiculous success of Always (single is the Greatest Hits) the band gets a little soft and publishes an album full of ballads. The bass player Alec John Such doesn't agree and leaves the band. If you are a little romantic (as yours truly) you will like the album, featuring the spectacular duo Sambora/Bon Jovi at their best in some parts of the album. 
Top tracks: Hey god, These Days, Bitter Wine (unfortunately removed in the later release).

New Jersey (1998)
A simple cover, at least it doesn't suck like some others. This is the first album after becoming superstars. It's full of hits and great songs, with a spectacular performance by Jon (and the band, also). Sambora flies in a video, that's the status of the band. 
Top tracks: Bad Medicine, I'll Be There for You, Born To Be My Baby.

Slippery When Wet (1986)
This is the most important album for the band, (also thanks to the producer Desmond Child). The band improves their sound, songwriting (even their hairstyle) and the audience loves the band. There are superhits you will see below in the top tracks and also Raise your hands, in a beautiful scene of one of my favourite movies, Spaceballs. "Youuuuu, youuuuu got a nasty siituuuaaaatiooonnnn". The original cover was way more interesting than this one but unfortunately, it was censored.
Top tracks: You Give Love a Bad Name, Livin' on a Prayer, Wanted Dead or Alive.

Keep the Faith (1992)
The band changed his look (Jon cut his hair) and wrote some masterpieces like Dry County (to me the best song of their discography). Jon is in spectacular form and the band is very united, as you can see from the (this time very cool) cover and it polished a little their sound, with a spectacular production by Bob Rock (the drums sound fantastic!). 
Top tracks: I Believe, Keep the Faith, Dry County.
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