Top 10: Best songs of 2021

Here we are for a playlist about my 10 favourite songs of 2021. 
This year has been great, in my opinion, especially for single songs. There are so many that I'm crazy about, it was really difficult to make this list. Regarding the albums of 2021, I am less happy, but we will talk about them next week.

Let's start with the chart and don't forget to let me know your favourite songs of the year. 

10) Dream Theater - Answering the call
If you saw my review of A view from the top of the world you know already that I'm not satisfied at all with the latest Dream Theater album. But if the album was all like this song my opinion would have been different. 

The "other side" of Dream Theater (well, Mike Portnoy) is The Neal Morse band, with this perfect single. Good quality music but also very easy listening and catchy. Definitely a great one. Click to the title if you want to listen to the song or click here for my video reaction.

8) Iron Maiden - Stratego
Same thing as position number 10. Great song for a "meh" album, Senjutsu. Stratego is a very straightforward song for a not very straightforward album. If you want to know more about Senjutsu and my opinion, click here.

You can't go wrong with Joe Bonamassa, lately, and even the latest album, Time Clocks (click for the review), has got lots of great songs. Notches is probably my favourite one. Click on the title to listen to the song.

6) Billy Idol - Bitter Taste
Not a massive fan of Billy Idol but this song got me from the start (as you can see in the video reaction). Bitter taste is a classy pop-rock song with a great sound, great vocals, great lyrics and a great video clip too. Well done, Billy.

Greta Van Fleet is always a controversial topic. What is not controversial, to me, is this song Light my love, absolutely amazing, with a stupendous chorus. I made a reaction video at that time, of course blocked by YouTube. This is one of the reasons why I stopped making reaction videos. Tell me what you think about the song. You can listen to it by clicking on the title.

The Darkness are always a good distributor (?!) of craziness and good music. This is title track of their latest album, which represents them perfectly. You can see my video reaction by clicking here or you can watch the crazy official video clip by clicking on the title.

3) Tremonti - Marching in time
This is a great tune by Mark Tremonti, and it is so great that I don't understand the reason why he didn't use this one for Alter Bridge, considering that this one would be by far the best song by the band in years. You can see my video reaction by clicking on this link.

Same as above and this one, by Myles Kennedy, in my opinion is even better. Great composition, full of influences and the usual class from this fantastic singer/musician. The ides of March is a killer song, one of the best of his career. Maybe they should stop making solo records and sharing each other great songs for Alter bridge?

1) Helloween - Fear of the fallen
If I have to say what's the best song of the year I would say, without hesitation, The ides of March by Myles Kennedy, position number 2 of this chart. Why Fear of the fallen is first, then? Because you can't control emotions and this one literally makes me crazy. Also, it was even very helpful for a very tricky situation in my life. This gave me strength. Great lyrics, great message, epic chorus, epic voices. Here comes the feeeeeear of the fallen...

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