Who will be the next Foo Fighters drummer?

Foo Fighters just stated through social media that they will continue as a band (a few dates are already set for this spring) in spite of the passing of their great drummer, Taylor Hawkins.

But now the question is: who will take Taylor Hawkins' place behind the Foo Fighters kit? Here are 3 possibilities.

Rufus Taylor

Rufus Taylor would is probably candidate number 1, as seen during the Taylor Hawkins tribute show (I was there, click on the link for the live report). His playing style is similar, he was a good friend of Taylor Hawkins (Rufus' dad Roger Taylor from Queen was a huge inspiration for him), and he even resembles him. He also performed amazingly during his songs and he blended amazingly with the band. All perfect? Almost. Rufus is currently playing and doing an amazing job with The Darkness (a band that I love) and being with Foo Fighters would mean leaving the British band.

Shane Hawking

Shane Hawkins, son of Taylor Hawkins, nailed "My Hero" on the kit with Foo Fighters back in September, shocking everyone in the process. The rightful ruler of the Foo Fighters' drum kit would definitely be Shane. What better way for Shane and the band to celebrate Taylor than to have his legacy continue via his own son's rhythm? The only problem is that he is only 17 and I seriously doubt the band would take a kid behind the drums (Pat Smear is 63!!). Also, he doesn't have any experience and putting him behind the drums of one of the biggest rock bands in the world would probably be a hazard.

Josh Freese 

Josh Freese would be my personal choice. I have to be honest in saying that I didn't know him before watching him in action during the Tribute concert. I was speechless looking at his power and his skills, and I went on the internet looking for him. Josh is a session musician and he played with a wide variety of artists and bands, including Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Sting, and Weezer. His style is a little different from Rufus and he would be my personal choice in terms of drumming and power, to bring something different to the band, closer to Dave Grohl's style.

Giovanni Gagliano

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