Top 10: Best albums of 2023

Here we are for the usual top 10 of the year, very eventful for yours truly. But there is a better time to talk about me so, with further introductions, here is the list of my favourite albums released this year.
Let's get started.

10) The Winery Dogs - III
I'm not a big fan of the band. I like them, but in little doses even if in The Winery Dogs there are 3 musicians that I adore (Mike Portnoy is my favourite drummer of all time and I love Billy Sheehan and Richie Kotzen with Mr.Big). In this album, the third of their career as a trio, there are 2 songs among my favourites of the year. You can read them below.
Top tracks: "Xanadu", "Gaslight"

9) Corey Taylor - CMF2
The usual, very eclectic work we expect from the mastermind of Slipknot and Stone Sour, with all his moods and influences into this second solo album. You will find basically everything from Pop to Slipknot in this album... Happy songs, sad songs, upbeat, downbeat... everything.
Top tracks: "Talk Sick", "Beyond"

8) Vandenberg - Sin 
If you are into classic old school Hard Rock (who said Whitesnake?) you can dive in without any hesitation into this new work of the former David Coverdale guitar player. A very enjoyable album, with obviously quality guitars (and vocals) and a straight jump into the past. Oh, how I miss the classic ballads. You will find a great one in this album.
Top tracks: "House on Fire", "Baby You've Changed"

This one was released at the beginning of 2023 but it was actually recorded in 1991 (and you can clearly hear it). It's a no-frills and short hard rock album, inspired by the David Lee Roth years. Not a masterpiece but overall an enjoyable record, with, of course, the usual class we expect from Steve Vai. 
Top tracks: "Busted", "Flowers of Fire"

The 19th studio album from the godfather of punk Iggy Pop (still without his t-shirt, no matter what!) shows that he is still going strong with an inspired album with lots of great songs, different moods and important guests. A very enjoyable album and big respect for Iggy.
Top tracks: "Frenzy", "Modern Day Rip Off"

5) Angra - Cycles of pain
Always been a fan of the Brazilian band (unfortunately now with only one original member) and after Omni (2008) honestly I thought they were gone but in this new album I find inspiration and overall I think it's an album that really makes sense, with the usual amazing performance by the 5 talented members but also very good songs.
Top tracks: "Ride into the Storm", "Tide of Changes"

4) Dirty Honey - Can't find the brakes
The young American band delivered with this brand new album "Can't Find the Brakes". It's an old-school hard rock blues album with lots of different moods and contaminations. It is very enjoyable from start to finish and with lots of great songs. Talking about old school ballads, I love "Roam", my favourite of the year.
Top tracks: "Roam", "Won't Take Me Alive"

"Hackney Diamonds" is the first album of originals since 2005's "A Bigger Bang" and despite the age the band won't stop writing great music, this time (a little too) modern in terms of production, but with the usual solid root and lots of guests. Long life to this immortal band, whatever they do is always an event. 
Top tracks: "Angry", "Whole Wide World"

Well, when you have something to say, you can clearly hear it in your music. Dave Grohl had 2 heavy losses, his mum and the drummer Taylor Hawkins and the result is this very intense, dark and inspired album, in my opinion very different in terms of inspiration from the previous album (for me the lowest point of their career). 
Top tracks: "Under You",  "But Here We Are"

Aging is not a problem for our dear Vincent and after Paranormal (one of my favourite albums of the last decade) released another top-notch one, this time about his life on the road. It is basically a concept album, fresh and inspired like he was 30 years old (he's 75!). Very enjoyable, fun lyrics and pure Rock n' roll spirit. For me, "Road" it's the album of the year.
Top tracks: "Dead Don't Dance" "Welcome to the Show"

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