Heavy rotation - June 2021

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Heavy rotation
is the new title for "Ascolti del mese" just so you don't get confused if you are an old follower of the usual Given To Rock article coming at the end of every month. So, this is about what I listened to, during the last month. Click on the relative links to get to the review. If there is a review.

Lots of new releases in this June, which is full of content: first of all, the long-awaited self-titled Helloween with Michael Kiske and Kay Hansen finally reunited with the rest of the band. The album still didn't click with me, unfortunately, apart from some very good songs. It's a good album for sure but I was expecting something epic from Helloween, after all these years. What's your opinion about that? 

Other very enjoyable releases of the month are Hellbound by BuckcherryOrigin of Symmetry by Muse (XX anniversary remiXX) when Muse where Muse before the electro-retro turning point, Hardware by Billy F Gibbons, and Mammoth WVH (self-titled) which is the debut album by Wolfgang Van Halen (son of Edward Van Halen). Again, click on the links to read the reviews.

Live album for the crazy Mr.Bungle, called The night they came home with fantastic members like Mike Patton, Dave Lombardo, and Scott Ian. Talking about live albums, we've got the more serious Images and Words - live in Tokio 2017 from Lost not forgotten archive by Dream Theater which leaves me with questions like: " My dearest Dream Theater, why did you publish this?" Read the review if you want to know more and let me know if you agree with me or I'm overreacting. Some good Brazilian power metal with Vera Cruz by Edu Falaschi (former Angra singer) and some good old albums by Sir Elton John, here represented by Goodbye yellow brick road.

Also, I'm still enjoying the solo record of the great Paul Gilbert, Werewolves of Portland, and last but not least, I can say the same for one of the best releases of this year, in my opinion: I'm talking about The ides of March by Myles Kennedy, with some splendid tunes.

I told you, it was a very rich month. Now I would like to know what was in your heavy rotation during this June. Let me know in the comment section or on social media.

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